Designed For Your Needs

Every location is different and buying a boxed system can't be built around your specific needs. We layout and develop a plan for your needs. Delivering anything from simple designs to some of the most complex.

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Wireless systems

Wireless or Wi-Fi Video Security has taken off with many new technologies today. Recording can be done at one site and put the cameras over 1000 feet away. This is a way to extend your property's Security.

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Remote Viewing and Playback

Not only are you protected by a recorded video stream. But you can also see your stuff live as if you were there and you can access the playback function at anytime and anywhere in the world.

This part of the service does require an active internet connection at speeds greater than 3 Mbps Upload speed.

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Business Liability Security

We have the equipment that you need to Protect and Video Secure your Business. Accidents happen and having them recorded might mean the difference between it being an Accident or a Liability.

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Storage Locker Security

Storage Locker Security is needed more and more in today's market. Customers are depending on their personal belongings being protected and secured. We combine the technologies from PTI Security and our Video camera designs to protect both you and your clients.

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Home Video Security

When thieves scope out your home, the first thing they are looking for is an easy entrance. Don't make it easy for them to rob you. Secure your Home with a state-of-the-art Video Surveillance System that can email or text you live pictures of what is happening LIVE. (Requires Internet Connection)

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Secure Access Control System

As the leader in access controls on the market. PTI Security Systems provide you with Keypads, Security Gate Controls, Door Alarms, Site Graphics, Lighting Controls, Site Graphics and so much more.

PTI’s industry leading access control and security products will help you protect your investment for years to come. With our Easy Code mobile app, providing a convenient customer experience for your renters has never been easier.

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Remote Access Support

We offer Technician support in a variety of ways. Both onsite and remote access. This means that you don't have to pay for a truck rollout and a service call if it is something that can be fixed by us over the wire.

we use TeamViewer to be able to access your PC directly and do the repair remotely. What does this mean to you? This means that you can have your system repaired for a fraction of the cost and have it fixed today instead of having to go on calendar to get a service call scheduled.

Gate access control from anywhere in the WORLD

Re-inventing Access Control with the Industry’s First Smart Connected Self Storage Solution: INSOMNIAC Centralized Intelligent Access (CIA)

The software is in the cloud, utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) so you won’t ever have to worry about computer problems such as loss of data, limited amount of storage, computer crashes or never-ending software updates.

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Since 1993

Our Message To You

Established in Redding CA in 2012 The owner of Redding Network has been in the Computer, Internet and Video Security business for over 28 Years. With its history starting with Bios Tech Computers from 1990 - 2000 and Calicom Internet Service from 1998 - 2008. We have been Manufacturer direct with LT Security Systems since 2012 and we are now a Certified dealer with PTI Security Systems.

Redding Network has been building the Video Surveillance Systems you need today. With the ability to message you live and on the fly, it gives you a hand on feeling even when you are away or even on vacation.

Redding Network is well known for building the best and most cost-effective Video Camera Systems with up to a 3 YEAR Warranty in Northern California. Based in Redding California, Shasta County we service from Sacramento CA north to the Oregon Border.

Most Video Camera companies just want to get in and get out. We not only deliver on our promise to deliver the best system for your specific needs, at a great price. But we are here for you after the sell. Just ask our current clients.

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